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We are thrilled to house a community of like-minded holistic health practitioners at Tilia. Currently, we are sharing space with the following wonderful practitioners.

  • Josie Zhuo, LAc
    Josie's unique style of Acupuncture combines her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine with healing elements of Taichi and Qigong practices. She educates patients about the connection between mind and body, and encourages preventive and self-healing techniques such as self acupressure and energy healing exercises. For more information, please check her website

  • Artemesia Healing Arts
    Jessica Greenberg, LaC offers a gentle approach to intensive healing from physical and emotional imbalances of all kinds. My work is customized to each patient and incorporates a range of modalities including acupuncture, acupressure, Tui Na massage, East Asian herbal medicine, Chinese and Japanese-style therapies, dietary advice, yoga, and much more. I offer specialized services to support people during pregnancy, new parenthood, perimenopause, and all stages of life. I also focus on the treatment of athletic injuries. Website:

  • Luminous Physiotherapy and Consulting, PLLC
    Dr. Sarah Woodward is a physical therapist with specialized training to address pelvic health issues related to continence, back pain, abdominal pain, endometriosis, painful penetration, bowel dysfunction, diastasis recti, and postpartum recovery. She is committed to helping people of all genders feel strong and capable in their bodies despite life phase, chronic condition, or injury.

  • Yew Acupuncture & Sound Sanctuary LLC
    Thanadej Throngkitpaisan (Teng) offers a gentle Japanese style acupuncture to help with body tension and stuck energy flow, as well as 5 elements style acupuncture to balance constitutions based on Chinese astrology birth charts. I also use sound healing a lot in my practice, especially with planetary tuning forks and Tibetan singing bowls. I would look into people's Vedic astrology birth chart and see which planetary energy resonates with each part of the body. My background is in reiki, crystal healing, and craniosacral.

  • Tracy Nagai, LMP | Tiny Ninja Massage
    Tracy is a licensed massage therapist with a B.S. in Exercise Science and over 14 years experience in the fitness industry. Level 2 CrossFit coach, 4x CrossFit Regionals competitor, 2017 CrossFit Games masters' competitor, and Black Belt in judo. With extensive knowledge and experience of the human body, I provide customized massages for people of all ages and all walks of life.

Tilia Natural Health would like to acknowledge the astute photography skills of Robinette Struckel, who took all of the photographs of our clinic that are on this website. Please see more of her photographic work on her Flickr page.
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