Welcome to Tilia;

Dr. Laura Eastman and the staff of Tilia Natural Health welcome you to our clinic! We are proud to offer a naturopathic family medical practice dedicated to helping you achieve your most vibrant, healthy self.

Naturopathic family practice… we treat people, not diseases

We are a true family practice, seeing everyone from babies to the elderly. We strive to understand your goals for your health and life, and to provide smart, resourceful, attentive healthcare in response.

We employ naturopathic principles of treating the whole person. We don’t see disease as something separate from the rest of the body; we see it is an expression of an unbalanced body. A truly healthy body will have no room for disease, and will not have a need to express symptoms.

When you invite us to be part of your healthcare team, you will find your way to feeling better, having more energy, and being as free of symptoms as possible.

Sustaining a healthy community… one person at a time

At Tilia Natural Health, we continually catalyze and sustain a healthy community by being a beacon, drawing people in because they want to become part of something so radically vital.

We provide a supportive, nonjudgmental environment in which we:

  • See you for who you are, and provide you with the care you need
  • Maintain a close, dynamic connection to the creative forces that shape our world
  • Remain continually receptive to change and growth
  • Value authenticity
  • Seek the simple, elegant solution

We believe that our relationships to self, health, and others can and do make a difference in the world.

We look forward to working together with you — to finding the best improvement in your health and creating a foundation for that vibrant health for the rest of your life!

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